About Us

Welcome to the informational page for Boy Scout Troop 216 of Greensboro, N.C.

The most important requirements of the boys in our troop are as follows:

  • Have FUN!
  • Participate!
  • Follow the Scout Oath
  • Live by the Scout Law
  • Learn to work with others in a group environment
  • Develope leadership and teamwork skills

Boys are expected to wear their scout uniform (official BSA shirt, pants, and belt) to all meetings and to exemplify scout spirit at all times.

Since 1958, we have been a neighborhood troop and currently have over 110 scouts on our roster. We add approximately 15-25 new scouts each year.

If you have other questions about our troop you may email me at troop216scoutmaster@gmail.com. I generally check this email daily.


Trail to Eagle

Our troop boasts a remarkable record of boys earning the rank of Eagle Scout. While the national average is around 4% of boys who enter Boy Scouts attain this honorable rank,troop 216 over the last decade has averaged more than 92%+ Eagle attainment for those boys that remain in the program for at least 2 years.

Boys in Troop 216 are expected to attend a week of summer scout camp for at least 3 summers, starting the summer before their first year (before their 6th grade year). Summer camp is a great experience and also the primary source for earning merit badges. Rank advancement takes place primarily during the year.

We have found that a very realistic timetable is as follows, although many scouts will advance quicker and some slower.

Tenderfoot by December of 6th grade

2nd Class by end of 6th grade

1st Class by December of 7th grade

Star by December of 8th grade (need 4 months in Leadership while 1st Class)

Life by December of 9th grade (need 6 months in Leadership while Star)

EAGLE by end of 10th grade (need 6 months in Leadership while Life)

Note that for Star, Life, and Eagle ranks, a scout must serve in a leadership position while in rank (only leadership time as 1st Class counts for Star, while Star counts towards Life, and while Life counts towards Eagle). Leadership roles are earned so it is important for a scout to plan ahead and work hard to earn, and then serve in leadership positions.

It is important to note that while we want every boy to have the GOAL of attaining the rank of Eagle Scout, scouting is also very beneficial for those boys who do not attain this rank. As noted above, approximately 95% of scouts nationally do NOT become Eagle Scouts; however, all Troop 216 scouts are expected to enthusiastically participate, continually work on advancement, and live by the Scout Oath and Law during everyday of their life

Sanders Cockman

Scoutmaster 216